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GasIQ Argon Optimator Standard Air Products
The GasIQ Optimator is a two-stage regulator for advanced gas shielded welding. The GasIQ Optimator’s second stage is extremely pressure sensitive, and it substantially reduces the gas puff which normally occurs in the first moment of starting gas arc welding. The reduction in the gas puff can cut gas consumption during normal welding by up to 50 %. Lower gas consumption also means fewer cylinder changes, which increases effective production time in welding. In addition, it improves welding quality, by reducing the risk of pores. The GasIQ Optimator’s two-stage principle regulates the gas flow very accurately and keeps it constant even as the cylinder pressure gradually falls. Supplied with hose connectors for 5.0 mm and 6.3 mm internal hose diameter, as well as extra seals.

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