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UTP 6170 Co 2.5mm Welding Electrode Discounts Apply !
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UTP 6170 Co 2.5mm Welding Electrode
UTP 6170Co 2.5mm electrodes pack size 9.9 kilos
EN ISO 14172 AWS A5.11
E Ni 6117 (NiCr22Co12Mo) ENiCrCoMo-1 (mod.)
Matrial No:2.4628

Characteristicsand field of use
UTP 6170 Co is suitable for joining high-temperature
and similar nickel-base alloys, heat resistant
austenitic and cast alloys, such as 2.4663
(NiCr23Co12Mo), 2.4851 (NiCr23Fe), 1.4876 (X10
NiCrAlTi 32 21),1.4859 (GX10 NiCrSiNb 32 20). The
weld metal is resistant to hot-cracking and is
used for service temperatures up to 1100° C.
Scale-resistance up to 1100° C in oxidizing and
atmospheres, e. g. gasturbines, ethylene production plants.
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