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UTP A73 G4 Tool Steel Tig Wire Discounts Apply !
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UTP A73 G4 Tool Steel Tig Wire
UTP A73 G4 is, due to its toughness and heat resistance, ideally suited for surfacings on parts and tools subject to abrasion, compression and impact at elevated temperatures. Particularly for buildups on forging dies, die cast moulds, rollers, wobbler drives, hot-shear blades. UTP A73 G4 also offers an economic solution for the production of new tools, for which a base material with an adequate tensile strength is recommended. The stick electrode has excellent welding properties, a stable and regular flow, good bead appearance and very easy slag removal. Heat resistant up to 550° C. Hardness of the pure weld metal: approx. 38 – 42 HRC 

DIN 8555 EN 14700
E 3-UM-40-PT E Z Fe3  
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