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M-2 High Speed Tool Steel

M2 is a tungsten-molybdenum high speed steel which gives outstanding performance in all operations where a general purpose high speed steel is required. It has a wide hardening range, excellent toughness, good wear and abrasion resistance.


Typical Applications:

Widely used for the repair and reclamation of AISI M-1 and M-2 high-speed tool steel, Broaches, Drills, Piercing, Blanking and Trimming Dies, Counterbores, End Mills, Form Tools, Milling Cutters, Punches, Taps and Tool Bits


UNS Number T11302 AISI M-2 ASTM A597


RC 60-63


Typical Chemical Composition:

C - 0.78-0.88
Cr - 3.75-4.50
Mn - 0.15-0.40
Mo - 4.50-5.50
P - 0.030-max
S - 0.030-max
Si - 0.20-0.45
V - 1.75-2.20
W - 5.50-6.75



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