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UTP A 8051 Ti Ferro Nickel Cast Iron 1.2 mm Mig Wire Discounts Apply !
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UTP A 8051 Ti Ferro Nickel Cast Iron 1.2 mm Mig Wire
Application field UTP A 8051 Ti is particularly suited for MIG/MAG welding of ferritic and austenitic nodular cast iron as well as for joining it with non-alloy and high-alloy steel, copper and nickel alloys. Buildups on grey cast iron qualities are also possible. Special applications are construction welding of ductile centrifugal casting tubes, such as joggles and flange joints, fittings, pumps, and for corrosion resistant claddings. Properties of the weld metal The deposit is tough, crack resistant and easily machinable with cutting tools. Welding instruction Machine welding area to metallic bright. Preheat massive cast iron pieces to 150 –250° C. Weld preferably with MIG-pulsed arc, in order to reduce the dilution with the base metal. Weld metal analysis in % * available on request Yield sRtrength e MPa > 300 TensileR strength m MPa > 500 ElonAgation 5 % > 25 Hardness HB approx. 200 Mechanical properties of the pure weld metal Standards :
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