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Sif Dry Portable Drying Oven
 Lightweight, durable and completely portable, easy to load, easy to carry, ready to provide low cost control of welding quality in the workshop or on site. This portable drying oven can help reduce operating costs by providing operators with fast access to dry, optimised electrodes at the point of application. Features a 400watt heater which is thermostatically controlled to warm the rods between 60°C and 300°C. Versions are available which use a 230v or 110v supply. Weighs only 8kg, with a rod lifter which can hold up to 18kg of electrodes. Sold direct from works only.


Key Features

  • 110v and 230v 1ph models available
  • Holds one carton of electrodes
  • Rod Lifter for easy loading and unloading
  • Heating Range from 60°C to 300°C
  • Ideal for localised site storage
  • Fused element


Technical data


Height (cm) 50/50

Diameter (cm) 21/21

Max Heat (˚C ) 300/300

Power (Watts) 400/400

Voltage (V) 100 - 120 1ph/220 - 240 1ph

Current (A) 4/2

Weight (kg) 8/8

Capacity 18kg/18kg

Price: £398.00
440.96 EUR
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