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Sif Dry Rod Quiver
The SifDry electrode quiver has a 200watt (approx) heater which is thermostatically controlled to warm the rods between 80°C and 130°C and optimise their welding performance. An indicator light will show when heating is in operation. Capable of comfortably holding a full pack of 5kg electrodes. The carry handle can also serve as a stand for the quiver to rest on. Versions are available which use a 230v or 110v input power supply; the quiver is easy to load, easy to carry and is ideal for on-site use. Weighs only 5kg with a height of 50cm. Sold direct from works only.


Key Features

  • 110v and 230v 1ph models available
  • Holds One 5kg Pack Of Electrodes
  • Temperature Between 80°C and 130°C
  • Carry handle/stand
  • Heating Indicator Light
  • Fused Element
  • Easy to load & carry
  • Ideal for site use


Technical Data


Height (cm) 50/50

Diameter (cm) 15/15

Max Heat (˚C ) 130/130

Power (Watts) 200/200

Voltage (V) 100 - 120 1ph/220 - 240 1ph

Current (A) 3/1.2

Weight (kg) 5/5

Capacity 1 x 5kg pack/1 x 5kg pack

Price: £78.80
87.31 EUR
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